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Daniel’s Grooming Club is the first Barbershop established in Bucharest. Superior services for superior men.

Daniel's Grooming Club is the first Barbershop established in Bucharest.


At Daniel's Grooming Club we offer not only the best care services.


Daniel's Grooming Club offers only excellence, which is why we have loyal customers.


Loyal customers who have been with us for ten years.

The Story

Daniel’s Grooming Club is the first Barbershop established in Bucharest.

The salon, founded by Daniel Ileana, offers high quality services at low costs, combining the classic comfort of the past with the latest trends in Hair & Beard Styling today.

With a decade of experience in the art of male body care, we are known on the market for the outstanding quality of our services and for the pleasant and intimate atmosphere of our salon.

At Daniel’s Grooming Club we offer not only the best care services, but also a pleasant experience at every visit.

From comfortable chairs to the highest quality care products and services, Daniel’s Grooming Club offers only excellence, which is why we have loyal customers who have been with us for ten years.

Our mission is to make you look better than ever so any haircut, or change of look, is customized according to the style of each person that visits us.

Your hair is the best accessory. Your image is an essential component of your success. Come visit and let us transform you into your best version.

Daniel’s Grooming Club – Superior services for superior men.


More than a decade ago, I was on a vacation in London where I visited a luxury barbershop for the first time. I was familiar with the concept but I had never experienced it until then. I was seduced by the atmosphere, the professionalism and the kindness with which the hosts treated each visitor and I wanted to be able to give my clients the extraordinary feeling that I experienced in that place.

My dream was to create a unique space, with a special energy to help those who visit us to disconnect from stress and daily worries and to benefit from high quality personalized services.

I’m the third generation of barbers in my family. I “stole” knowledge from my grandfather and my father, before going to specialized studies. I spent my childhood and adolescence in the barbershop salons in which my grandfather and father worked, not because they would have asked for this, but because I wanted it the most.

I noticed that most of the time people came to the barbershop salon frowning and stressed and left with a smile on their face and a substantially better mood than the one they came with. It seemed like an extraordinary thing to me and I decided that this is what I want to do in my life.

My father taught me that a really good hairdresser is not only a craftsman who does his job, but sculptor obsessed with perfection who creates a work of art with every haircut and that I have to master perfectly both the classic and modern styles if I want to be more than just a performer.

Ten years ago, when I founded Daniel’s Grooming Club, the tradition of neighborhood hairdressing salons that were focused on the volume of customers was still strongly rooted. Hair trimming and shaving were considered a necessity, not a pleasure, and the time spent by clients at the location had to be as short as possible.

I wanted to be different, to never choose having a large number of clients at the expense of customer satisfaction and the quality of the services I offer.

I propose to my clients a personalized approach that takes into account both their wishes and their lifestyle and we have discovered together what suits them and what represents them best. My job is my passion and the greatest satisfaction comes from the fact that many of my clients have become friends after ten years since they come to Daniel’s Grooming Club.

I believe every man should benefit at least once in his life from the services offered by a luxury male grooming salon because a good personal image is more important now than ever when it comes to success, and a specialized barber can be the advisor you need to succeed to occupy the place you want in society.

The first step you need to take to be respected is to look respectable, that is, groomed, regardless of the style you approach.

If you intend to become your best version, come and meet us! I, along with my team, are at your disposal to help you fulfill your dream.


Violeta Vlîsan – Beautician

Experience : 17 years

Daniel Ileana – Barber

Experience : 20 years

Florina Ileana – Nail Technician

Experience : 17 years

Alina Anton – Nail Technician

Experiență : 3 years

"Great service always provided by Daniel and the rest of the team. I have recommend them to many of my expat mates and they have become their clients too now."

Paul Vareilles

"Excellent and detail oriented services. Daniel has a good sense for styles and trends aș well, highly recommended!"

Billie Gart

"I have just moved into the neighborhood and this was the closest spot to where I live. I wanted to give it a try because I was not în the mood of walking too far because I didn’t know the city too well. Since then I have consistently had a great experience and walk out feeling like a new person. The prices are very convenient reported to the quality of the services."

Jack M.